Course tracker

Mark the course

Inserting markers in a document is a simple operation, that may be performed when all resources have been written or during the writing process.

Insert a marker

To mark a course item, follow the procedure :

  • open the resource with the whysiwhyg editor and pass the editor fullscreen*,
  • click in the resource content to point a location in the text flow,
  • click on the "marker insert" button (this button has been added to the button rows),
  • setup marker's properties (see below),
  • don't forget selecting a tracker instance for this marker (if you have added multiple coursetrackers in the course),
  • press "Ok"

the marker appears as an image ( moodlus occuli, a genetic variant of the moodlus generis). This image is the visible shape of the marker seen by the teachers.

(*) yet, will be generalized soon.

Update a marker

To update properties of an existing marker, just select the marker image in the whysiwhyg editor in fullscreen mode, and click again on the "marker insert" button ().

The properties dialog box is shown with old properties values.

Remove a marker

In the whysiwhyg editor in fullscreen mode...

  • select the marker's image and remove the image.
  • save back the resource.

Marker properties

These are ajustable properties for the first version of the "courstracking" markers :

Identifier This identifier is a free string identifier allowing any strategy of content location identification. We encourage strongly preserving unicity of marker names in a single course space. Choosing numeric prefixes may also ensure the order or the markers being guaranteed in reports.
Delay mode Allows choosing how the VIDI delay will trigger. The triggering delay may :
  • be set to a fixed value by the author
  • automatically evaluated*
  • disabled** so that the student may activate explicitely the READ signal.
Délay When set to a fixed value (default), use this property to adjust the triggering delay (in seconds).
Alignment Aligns the image to the right when set.
Tracking instance selector Use this list to assign the marker to a "coursetracking" instance installed within the course. If there is only one instance in the course, the selector defaults to it.

(*) still on study. Not implemented.
(**) Not implemented yet.

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