AUN-ACU: ASEAN Studies (ASEAN-101)

 This course requires an enrolment key

AUN ASEAN Studies Introductory(ASEAN-101)

The contents of AUN ASEAN Studies Introductory Course comprises 13 teaching and learning topics.

Instructor: Dr. Sanghee SHINNote:

  1. What is ASEAN?:Its Historical Background and Basic Understanding
  2. ASEAN’s Regionalism
  3. Share Identity in Southeast Asia
  4. Socio-Cultural Community of ASEAN : Civil Society and Environmental Sustainability
  5. ASEAN Security Cooperation, Peace and Conflict Management Measures
  6. ASEAN’s Economic Competitiveness through Progress in Economic Integration
  7. The Role of Business in ASEAN Economic Integration
  8. Human Development: Education and Human Resources Development
  9. The political Development in ASEAN : Democracy, Governance, and Rule of Law
  10. Cultural Identity and ASEAN Popular Culture
  11. ASEAN and Human Right
  12. Transnational Crimes and Terrorism + Migration and Human Trafficking in ASEAN
  13. ASEAN External Relations:From Major Powers to International Organizations

This course requires an enrolment key